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Borehole geophysics is the science of recording and analyzing measurements of physical properties made in wells or test holes.

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In the same way that surface geophysics makes it possible to “see” beneath the ground surface, borehole geophysical logging makes it possible to see beyond the walls of a boring or well. To perform borehole logging, sensors (or sondes) that measure different physical properties of the formation around the boring are lowered down the hole to record continuous data (or logs). A multi-conductor cable on a motorized winch controls the sonde, and transmits data back up the hole to a computer and graphic display. Often, multiple logs (called a suite) are recorded for a single boring – each measuring a different property – to allow more complete knowledge of subsurface conditions.

We have used borehole logging to assist clients on projects involving soil and groundwater contamination, groundwater supply, and geotechnical and mining/minerals issues.

  • The objects of a geophysical survey are to locate subsurface geological structures or bodies and where possible to measure their dimensions and relevant physical properties. In oil prospecting structural information is sought because of the association of oil with particular features such as anticlines in sedimentary rock. In mining geophysics the emphasis is on detection and determination of physical properties, while in site investigation engineers are interested in both structure and physical properties.

  • A geophysical survey consists of a set of measurements, usually collected to a systematic pattern over the earth's surface by land, sea or air, or vertically in a borehole. The properties of rocks of which most use is made in geophysical prospecting are elasticity, electrical conductivity, density, magnetic susceptibility and remanence and electrical polarizability. To a lesser extent other properties such as degree of radioactivity are also utilized Many factors, geological, economic, logistic and what we might call geophysical govern the choice of method for a particular survey And much more...
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