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The group with a vision to develop state of art services has now ventured in Geological Exploration Services, a one stop service for:

Mining Plan:

Mining has to be carried out in accordance with the envisaged proposals in the approved mining plan as per rule 22A of Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 and Rule 13 of Mineral Conservation & Development Rules. The mining plan and the scheme of mining is an extremely vital document for the scientific and systematic development of mineral deposits.

Mining Plan incorporates salient features of an updated / modified conceptual plan of the mine covering the period of anticipated life of the mine, depicted on mine geological plans and sections with necessary statement annexed supported by essential text, covering the basic & long term design features of mine covering exploration, mine development, optimum exploitation & utilization of the mineral, waste & sub-grade mineral management, and environmental aspects. The ensuing five year detailed programme is a part of the conceptual overall mining plan.